Public Aerial Safety System

The PASS Network™ is a brand new, exciting way to participate in building infrastructure for the future.  Drones are vastly providing useful support in communities, and no doubt will continue to expand as time goes on. 


The PASS Network™ (Public Aerial Safety System) was designed to keep career oriented drone pilots apprised of trends and FAA changes governing the use of drones. As well, looking deeply into service levels and the viability of expanded drone interests.

As technologies race forward, we can expect growth in many markets. As well, seeing more integration of drones into our complex airspace. 

The PASS Network™ encourages pilot participation in upcoming programs that will monitor and measure success rate, and assist with long-term infrastructure proposed for generations to come. 

Anyone who flies a drone is eligible to join.  Membership is $45 per year and includes a monthly newsletter, updates on changes with flight regulations, and FREE download of our App as soon as it becomes available.

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