‘‘FireDroneUSA is tackling the Micronics Aviation Service Industry with Forward Thinking, Innovation and Quality Support.’’

‘‘We are people helping people, for a healthy, safe, and bright future.’’

- Thomas-john Veilleux

When my 18-year-old son (Alex) passed away, I had no idea of the journey that lay ahead for me.

It was an inadvertent hanging death caused by auto asphyxiation. I speak openly about it, because it’s something I wish I’d known about (as a parent), so I could have talked with him about the risks.

As a result, I have dedicated my life in supporting the needs of community programs that promote education and advocate health and safety.

There is great inspiration when people come together and help each other.

These days, I work as a volunteer group facilitator for Hospice and do everything I can to help out. I am grateful that I can be of service.

When Alex and I had set out to create the ultimate drone for firefighters, we agreed it had to do two things; 1) serve the needs of Public safety, and 2) bring value into the community.

And so it is with extraordinary thought, we love what we do at FireDroneUSA. We are people helping people, inspiring positive changes in communities, and bringing value into the lives of those in need.

In the Spirit of paying it forward, I am developing a non-profit foundation (FireDrone Foods United) to help feed people and provide shelter, with 10% of our net profit going to this cause.

Your support and sharing of the FireDroneUSA label is greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone.


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Thomas-john Veilleux, Founder