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Public Safety #1

The FireDroneUSA Hexacopter is top of the league in providing quality features and performance. From thermal imaging to stability in high winds, it is built to last.

The FireDroneUSA Hexacopter is an extraordinary drone for Public Safety, using an advanced control system for precise tracking and ease of operation.

Combined with thermal imaging technology, the dual camera is ideal for search and rescue operations and/or identifying heat sources in any condition.

Each kit includes a life-time supply of FREE replacement rotor blades in case of mishaps. As well, we provide a battery exchange program to ensure old worn out batteries are properly recycled. 

FireDroneUSA is the answer for innovative technology and approved solutions. We are people helping people, for a healthy, safe, and bright future!

- J. Veilleux, Founder

The FireDroneUSA Hexacopter is remarkably affordable for this level of safety and security.
Save lives with exceptional value, performance, and durability.

Ground Controller
Large 7” Display


With built-in temperature measurement and display, the dual image camera system provides accurate visualization of heat sources with adjustable temperature detection scale to focus on relevant areas.

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Why a Thermal Imaging Drone?

Fire Fighting – Drones with heat vision are especially valuable giving Incident Commanders the ability to see through smoke and keep track of their personnel in large fire scenes.  Fire crews will know exactly where the fire is hottest and when the fire looks to be out. Our thermal imaging equipped drones are able to give definite confirmation whether or not the heat been dissipated from the scene.

Search And Rescue – A drone with a thermal camera is a must have for rescuers. Our Hexacopter camera can be used both in day and night with ease of operation. View hundreds of acres in minutes.

In daytime, the thermal radiation from a missing person on a mountain, or heavily wooded area will stand out much more than the image from an ordinary camera.  The person may be wearing the same color clothing as their surrounding, making it difficult for a standard camera to detect the missing person.

Surveillance – The all-in-one ground controller allows the operator to turn off the Hexacopter lights, making it virtually undetectable in low light conditions. This can be especially handy when performing surveillance operations, and the precision rotor blades provide reasonably quiet operation when in flight.

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Search and Rescue Operations

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Helps to Save Lives
Improve Safety
Identify Strategy


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Complete Kit

Police, Fire, and Rescue.

Comes with a water tight Pelican case, FREE unlimited replacement rotor blades, registration, spare batteries, commercial charger, and more. We also offer a battery exchange program to ensure old worn out batteries are recycled.


Flight Time: Up to 25 minutes per battery (with dual camera)
Dimensions:   20.5" x 18" x 11.6"
Gross Weight with battery:   About 4 pounds (with gimble)
Batteries:   (4 included) 5250Ah 4S 15.2V Lithium Polymer
Chargers:   (4 included) SC4000-4H Balancing Smart Charger, charge 4 batteries at the same time
Transmitter:   16 channel 2.4GHz with 5.8 GHz video
Ground Controller:   LED Backlit 7" LCD Touch Screen
Flight Modes:   Manual Mode, Angle Mode, and RTL (Return to Launch)
Maximum Altitude:  Limited to 400 feet above ground level

Image Quality:  HD 720p
Camera Lens:   14mm f/2.8
Video Transmission Range: Up to 1 mile
Microphone: Yes
Operating System:   Android™

Temperature Measuring Range:   14° - 356° Fahrenheit

FCC and FAA compliant